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Health therapy / Natural Medicine / Stress reduction

Western natural medicine is based on the principle of the natural, self-healing power of the body, which is enhanced in a natural way and thus induces healing.

Naturopathy goes beyond treatment. Nutrition, lifestyle, and state of mind play an important role in the process of healing. We work primarily in a causal way. 

All therapies are natural, have scientifically proven healing properties, are nearly free of risk and aim at stimulating one's self-healing power.

Support of cancer patients

Begeleiding kankerpatienten

Your health therapist supports the classical treatments prescribed by the oncologist.

We offer advice on cancer prevention, appropriate diet, healing-promoting food supplements, physical problems during and after chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy, ...

The purpose of this guidance is to increase the chance of cure, to reduce the side effects of the heavy treatment and to increase quality of life.

Infrared sauna


The effect of short-wave infrared radiation is a warm, soothing depth of heat, which is absorbed by the body. Blood circulation increases. All kinds of toxins leave the body.

The result is a passive fitness training. Sports injuries can be prevented.

Vibration plate


The regular use of the vibration plate has a positive effect on muscle strength.

Almost every muscle in your body is trained through various positions. There is less chance of injury due to lower muscle stress during the training. The result, achieved by the intensity of the training, excels classical trainings. Vibration training is fast and varied and accessible to any physical condition.





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